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Plants and Animals of our IPA

The idea of this book was one of the important decisions made by our Elders within our Management Plan for the Warraberalgal and Porumalgal IPA. In making it, we were guided by our philosophy of Mina Pawa (appropriate and respectful ways), and our Ailan Kastom (Island Custom) with respect for traditional laws and values and the collective knowledge and wisdom of Elders.

Our Puylay and Urayal forms a core part of our Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) which we value and cherish, and which has been passed down from our Ancestors and Elders through stories, songs, dance and language. Puylay and Urayal knowledge in this book we will continue to teaching the next generation about our culture in hunting, gardening, in healing, to navigate, to identify the seasons and the changes within them, to collect plant and animal foods, and gather materials for cultural ceremonies and dancing.

The names and uses of 100 Puylay and 80 Urayal are included. They are ordered in order of their Kulkal Gau Ya language names. If you would like a copy of the booklet, please contact the local RNTBC or Ranger office.

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