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Warraberalgal Porumalgal IPA

Our IPA comprises of 11 islands, sandbanks and rocks,that range in size from less than one hectare to 30 hectares. The total area is approximately 101.45 hectares. There are five well-vegetated sandy coral cays (Atub, Guiya, Bara, Yarrparr and Uttu), two small sparsely vegetated sandy cays (Maza Guiya, Bui Bui), two small unvegetated sandy cay (Moegi Maituini and Kai Maituin), one vegetated coralline shelf (Bini), one volcanic rocky outcrop (Urin Kula) and a large vegetated continental island (Ulu). Together they are a cross-section of the varied island environments found in Torres Strait.

We often visit our IPA islands to harvest food resources such as Waru Kakur (turtle eggs), Urui Kakur (seabird eggs), Kobay (red wongai plum) and Gi (ripe wongai plum), and Gasi (Native Arrowroot). In surrounding waters and reefs we hunt Waru (green turtle), catch Wapi (fish), and dive for Kayar (tropical rock lobster) and collect Kabar (trochus) and beche-de-mer. We are always reminded of the presence of our ancestors by the presence of cultural sites used by our ancestors such as middens (shell refuse heaps) where they ate their meals, Zogo sites where rituals were undertaken, burial sites, wells, and Graz (ancient stone fish traps). These places are very important and must always be respected and cared for.

The work of our Rangers is an important part of managing our Land and Sea country and is guided by Elders. It involves community liaison, mapping of cultural heritage (old garden and village sites, wells and middens), monitoring coastal erosion and the health of island plants, revegetation, collection of plastics and other marine debris washed up on beaches, and monitoring of Waru, Dhangal (dugong) and migratory birds.

When was our IPA declared?

Our Warraberalgal and Porumalgal Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) was declared in 2014 by Kulkalgal (people of Poruma and Warraber) to look after our ancestral lands and sea country with Kulkalgal traditions and customs. In 2018, the IPA was expanded to include the islands of Uttu (Dove Islet) and Yarparr (Roberts Islet).

Where is our IPA located?

Warraberalgal Porumalgal IPA is located in the Centre of the Torres Strait.