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Island Profile

Maza Guiya has significant value for our hunting and cultural practices. It is also an important navigation landmark and used as a rest stop during voyages between Atub (Dugong Island) and Poruma ( Coconut Island). We sustainably harvest, collect and use many of the resources on reef, including waru (green turtle) and wunuwa (hawksbill turtle) eggs, thupmul (ray), and kangan (sooty tern egg). Important bird species on Maza Guiya include silaw (crested tern), sara (bridled tern and roseate tern) and dua (common and black noddy).

The reef is a significant reef for the migration route of kayar (crayfish), and is also used by other visitors for commercial fishing and harvest of marine species. Overfishing and pollution from commercial fishing is a significant threat on the cultural and natural values of Maza Guiya.


Island Location