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Island Profile

Bubui (Lowry Islet) is a sparsely vegetated sandy cay that Traditional Owners use as a rest stop during voyages between Warraber (Sue Island), Yama (Yam Island) and Sassie (Long Island). We sustainably harvest, collect and use many of the resources on Bubui and its surrounding reefs, including kabar (trochus), kayar (crayfish) and other marine species. It is also a nesting site for wunuwa (hawksbill turtle), silaw (little tern), sara (bridled tern and roseate tern) and waru (green turtle). Other important species include dua (common noddy), kangnan (sooty tern) and daby (booby).

Local trawling for mackerel, kingfish and trevally also occurs around Bubui. Our current ranger work on the islet includes bird monitoring, beach clean- ups, and turtle nest surveying.

Island Location