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Island Profile

Guiya (Poll Island) is a garden island and also has significant value for our cultural practices. We use the island to grow food such as maniotha (cassava), kumela, pumpkin and watermelon. We sustainably harvest, collect and use many of the resources on Guiya and its surrounding reefs. These include kabar (trochus), kayar (crayfish), waru karkurr (turtle eggs), naiwa (coral tree) and wongai timber for spears and boats, and warbai (eastern reef egret) for cultural dress.

Guiya is a well-vegetated sandy coral cay that supports excellent representations of coral cay grasslands, shrublands and Ubar sau (wongai orchards). The grasslands on the eastern side of the island are an important breeding site for kipru (silver gull). Other important bird species include gau (nankeen night heron) and waumer (frigate bird).


Island Location