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Visitor Information

When visiting the Warraberalgal Porumalgal IPA Island, you must respect the General Visitation Protocols that has been developed by Traditional Owners of Country.  If you would like to visit these IPA islands, please request permission from Warraberalgal Corporation (TSI) RNTBC and Porumalgal Corporation (TSI) RNTBC by completing the online visitation form.

General Visitation Protocols

We, the Traditional Owners have developed a series of protocols in relation to visits to our IPA:

  • Visits to the islands must be approved by appropriate Traditional Owners
  • Harvesting of turtle or seabird eggs by people who are not Traditional Owners is forbidden
  • No rubbish is to be left on the islands
  • No alcohol or drugs are allowed on the islands
  • Cultural heritage sites must be respected and protected
  • Native or farmed plants are not to be collected from the islands unless permission has been granted by the Traditional Owners and no plants or vegetation communities are to be damaged during visits
  • Where possible, seabirds on Maza Guiya and other key nesting sites should not be disturbed during peak nesting season
  • The presence of any outsiders (i.e. non-Traditional Owners) on our IPA is to be reported to the Warraberalgal and Porumalgal and RNTBCs
  • Any weeds or other pests seen on the islands are to be reported to the Warraberalgal and Porumalgal and RNTBCs

Visitor Request Form

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